As our organization evolves, it became evident the initial pharmacy focus was not viable.  I.e. A tech giant partnered with a major pharmacy chain to do the thing we wanted to do.  Tough break, right?  As such, the organization is working through a rebrand.  That leaves this property floating in the proverbial breeze.  Gray's RX, specifically, will move away from pharmacy and a different iteration of the idea will (hopefully) rise from its ashes.  

We are a St. Louis organization.  Our overall goal remains to help those in our region.  How we will do so hasn't quite taken shape yet.  We intend on providing regional, St. Louis sports, and some food information to highlight some of the amazing things we have to offer in this town.  Assuming we ever actually turn a profit, we plan on putting a portion of that back into the community via a mechanism that is still TBD.